Application Area Highlight

Structural Detail, Acentuated

Distinctive architectural elements deserve to be noticed. Whether towering over a cityscape or spanning the depths of a sea, the unique design and detail of bridges is both a physical and artistic achievement. Provide a map of light that leads the eye to appreciate their splendor.

Traxon & e:cue’s dynamic portfolio is packed with lighting and control solutions to assist in building out your vision. Exude a discreet and concentrated radiance, elegantly distinguishing intricate facades and borders Or, boldly transform the structure into a bright, animated palette for graphics, animations, and interactive media. Each illumination system has the capacity to be as unique and innovative as the structure for which it was designed.

Melding technology with simplicity, Traxon & e:cue’s flexible system solutions ensure bright, even output, and an efficient operation and installation process, elevating bridges into celebrated segues and noted landmarks.