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OSRAM brings a sparkling diamond to generate an extraordinary lighting experience in i Light Marina Bay Festival 2017 for the third consecutive year
OSRAM Lighting Solutions collaborates with the lighting partners from Singapore University of Technology and Design to showcase an impressive lighting installation, Kaleidoscopic Monolith in the i Light Marina Bay Festival on March 3rd – 26th in the Marina Bay waterfront promenade.
OSRAM Lighting Solutions co-creates the art lighting installation with three lighting design partners, Kenneth Tracy, Christine Yogiaman, Suranga Nanayakkara from Singapore University of Technology and Design. The key design elements of Kaleidoscopic Monolith are light, reflection and form to stimulate more creation and interaction from spectators. Kaleidoscopic Monolith is perceived as a single convex object at a certain distance. When spectators approach to it, there is a delicately changing phenomenon. Deforming, repeating and reforming the context is the formation of the waving surface with concavity patterns. While the lighting pattern surrounds the whole piece, it illuminates the reflection from spectators. To exhibit an energetic kaleidoscope, Traxon Dot XL-3 RGB, is equipped on the surface of the installation to create a glittering lighting effect and enlighten the dimensional impression. It shines brilliantly under the outdoor condition to evoke emotion in the daytime. The cutting-edge and innovative lighting design of Kaleidoscopic Monolith provides colorful patterns and never-ending combinations to encourage participants to discover their own allusions during their experiencing moment.
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Events News | 17 March, 2017
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