Architectural structures have traditionally been designed and constructed to be viewed under natural light. Recent developments in LED dynamic lighting technologies are empowering new approaches for visionary design. Innovative tools are available to architects and designers to develop a more dynamic concept of architecture, fuelling the practice of integrating lighting and media applications into architectural façades.

Media façades are layers of individually controllable lights, attached to – or even woven into – the exterior surface of a building to function as a dynamic palette for text, graphics and video animations.

When designing media façades, opportunities to push the boundaries are myriad, encouraging lighting designers and architects to embrace this new ‘language’ and explore the use of light and media as façade ‘materials’ to form an integral part of an architectural vision.

A global leader in solid-state lighting and control, Traxon is pioneering media façades. Dedicated to providing complete, sustainable and intelligent lighting solutions, we believe that opportunities can only be realized through adopting a fully integrated approach. We are delighted to share some of our experiences in this dynamic field, and offer a glimpse into the current trends and challenges of designing media façades solutions.

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