ProPoint Vista (200W & 400W)

Century Tower at the University of Florida - Gainesville, FL, USA

The ProPoint Vista 200W/400W series is an AC line powered, super high brightness luminaire. It delivers best in class output and minimizes fixture footprint. Controllable via DMX512 with built in Remote Device Management (RDM), Vista comes with precise control and monitoring capability over the entire system. The system is connected using a daisy chain topology with separate power and data cables for easy and cost efficient installation.

The ProPoint Vista has 200W/400W power outputs, each head is individually addressed and controlled. A complete portfolio including RGBW, White (3000K, 4000K) as standards, with RGBA, RGB, other White CCTs, DW, and individual saturated colors available on request. Each luminaire is built in with industry leading 3˚ native optics with an integrated internal louver as standard, eleven light shaping optics are available via a field installable spread lens module. Other accessories include full and half glare shields, rock guard and pole mounts.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Available in two power outputs: 200W, 400W providing flexibility in installation
  • Controllable via DMX512 with Remote Device Management (RDM)
  • Native 3˚ optic with internal louver that directs light and reduces glare
  • Dynamood® Beam One: 11 field installable spread lens modules available for 5˚, 8˚, 10˚, 15˚, 20˚, 30˚, 40˚, 55˚, 80˚, 50˚x10˚, & 50˚x5˚
    (Click here for more details about the Dynamood® technologies)
  • Optional accessories include: full glare shield, half glare shield, rock guard and pole mounts


ProPoint Vista is also available in 100W series

This product is intended for use in high-quality colored light applications.

Color :
RGBW (W:4000K)
Warm White (3000K)
Neutral White (4000K)
Environment :
Outdoor IP66
Suitable for Coastal Environment
Control :
Weight :
200W : 22.3kg / 49.17lbs
400W : 45.5kg / 100.31lbs
Dimensions :
200W : 680mm x 352mm x 174mm / 26.77" x 13.85" x 6.85"
400W : 738mm x 634mm x 174mm / 29" x 24.96" x 6.85"
  • Century Tower at the University of Florida - Gainesville, FL, USA
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