Allegro Washer AC

Ostankino TV Tower - Moscow, Russia

The all new Allegro Washer AC is a powerful, yet energy efficient luminaire family, embedded with Traxon DynaMood® technology. Designed with a focused, 5 degrees native optics, with other beam angles (5°, 10°, 30°, 55°, 80°, 60°x10°, 60°x30°) achieved by a field-installable spread lens attachment. Available in RGBW, RGB, DW (Dynamic White), and whites options, from 50W to 200W, the IP66 rated outdoor luminaire is designed for architectural color-changing façade lighting and outdoor high brightness flood lighting applications, providing a vast light output greater than 10,000 lumens on RGBW (200W). The Allegro Washer AC family is highly robust to its environments, with impact ratings of IK09/IK10, and active over-temperature protection, allowing consistent performance over the lifetime of the luminaire. Our expertise in control technology, the DynaMood® features such as AddressOne for addressing, BinOne LED bin control, BeamOne for optimized optics, and BoostOne for the utilization of power to specific channel are part of the system - including Remote Device Management (RDM). These luminaires feature advance settings that can be configured with our e:cue control system.

Advantages & Benefits

Traxon DynaMood®
— AddressOne: flexible addressing  
— BinOne: Consistent bin control  
— BeamOne: Optimized optics with spread lens  
— BoostOne: Intelligent utilization of power
(Click here for more details about the Dynamood® technologies)
Optimized Optical performance 
— 5° narrow beam for long throw Control and interconnection
— Easy daisy-chain IN/OUT connectors 
— Remote Device Management for full control  
— Active temperature monitoring
Robust to environmental conditions 
— IK09/IK10 impact resistant  
— IP66 ingress protection  
— Wind & Vibration standard conforming to IEC 60598-2-3:2002 / 3G ANSI c136.31
Family Design 
— Consistent design in 50W, 100W, 150W, & 200W
This product is intended for use in high-quality colored light applications.


Beam Angle :
10 Degree
30 Degree
60x30 Degree
60x10 Degree
Color :
RGBW (W:3000K)
Dynamic White (2700K-5700K)
Warm White (2700K)
Warm White (3000K)
Neutral White (4000K)
Cold White (5700K)
Environment :
Outdoor IP66
Suitable for Coastal Environment
Control :
Weight :
50W : 7.8kg / 17.2lb
100W : 13.9kg / 30.6lb
150W : 17.8kg / 39.2lb
200W : 18kg / 39.7lb
Dimensions :
50W : Ø235 × 317 × 203mm / 9.3” × 13.5” × 8.0”
100W : Ø310 × 395 × 252mm / 12.2” × 15.6” × 9.9”
100/150W : Ø392 × 476 × 264mm / 15.4” × 18.7” × 10.4”
  • Ostankino TV Tower - Moscow, Russia
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