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The Lighting Application Suite includes tools to design, layout and configure complex lighting installations. These tools are

  • The Patchelor, which simplifies patching large matrixes and fixture setups
  • The Emotion FX sequencer to create stunning video applications with moving text, videos and images, including effects and dynamic positioning
  • Imagine, which provides a visualization of matrix installations
  • Library Editor to add custom fixtures to the LAS' fixture library


Patching and testing a matrix has never been so simple: the e:cue Patchelor can be easily used to drag-and-drop fixtures into a matrix section and placing them into sections as lines and grids. Also they can be turned and rearranged in any imaginable way. Regardless of whether the matrix consists of desk channels, RGB faders or other fixtures, the Patchelor supports a large number of different manufacturers. Using a background picture for easy position and DMX re-addressing of fixtures makes it an even more versatile tool. In order to directly check if a fixture patch works correctly, an output of check pattern DMX data to the fixtures via e:cue Engines is possible.

Emotion FX

With LAS Version 5.3 sequencing with Emotion FX was introduced, a powerful video and graphics sequencer. You can mix video, image and scrolltext tracks, use effects, rotate and blend all tracks in the sequencer, the result of the mix is displayed in Emotion FX on an external system, or routed into the Video Micro Converter to be displayed on a LED matrix wall. Additionally you can define timeline-related Actions to be executed like starting or stopping cuelists or even send RS-232 data to external devices. Emotion FX is only available with the Lighting Control Engine fx.


Imagine is a realtime 3D visualizing tool, integrated into the Lighting Application Suite which connects to the e:cue Programmer via network, either on the same computer or another PC in the network. It visualizes LED systems with a nearly unlimited amount of DMX channels. Receiving 3D information of the patching created from the e:cue Patchelor, it can visualize 2D matrixes as well as 3D structures. This perspective gives the great possibility to turn imagination into a visual experience. Available only with the Elements/Enterprise Editions.

Library Editor

With this editor you can edit the Programmer’s library of fixtures and DMX devices, you can edit or add your own fixtures and create adaptions of generic devices like RGB systems, headwashs or matrices. The Fixture Library has a fixed Main Library and a User Library section, one group for single fixtures and one group for tiles like LED matrices. In the Main Library the predefined models are stored, in the User Library you can place your own fixtures and tiles and edit all channel and value data.



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