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OSRAM hosts the Gala Dinner of Shanghai Lighting Fair
Together we make our cities smarter and stronger – this is OSRAM’s key message in the evening of the Shanghai Lighting Fair in September. Featuring the latest lighting solutions for Smart City and Dynamic Lighting to experts, building and lighting designers, OSRAM Lighting Solutions was invited as the host of the Honourable Gala Dinner in Shanghai Lighting Fair held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC),China on 5-7 September, 2017.
Smart City & Interconnected Lighting
There are over 160 cities with >1M population in China, with numerous opportunities for urban nightscape lighting. The design of nighttime environments that instill feelings of both safety and enjoyment is of critical importance to the economic and identity of urban centers.
The Wuhan Two Rivers and Four Banks Project has transformed the rivers and banks into a spectacular canvas, with over 20 km of synchronized LED lightshow weaving fairytales into the night sky and river reflections.
The Project of Yanqi Lake in Beijing, venue for the Belt and Road Forum has been embellished with pavilions, hills, trees and bridges into a scroll of landscape painting.
Crystal Hall, Baku is like a gem-like glow to its jagged architectural shape in a distance.
These successful urban nightscape lighting showcases not only light up the life, but also develop economy and exploit business opportunities.==


Events News | 11 September, 2017
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