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TRAXON Cookie Table
What cookies do we use?   What are they called?   How long are they active?   What do they do?   Where do we use cookies?
Session Cookies   PHPSESSID   Browser session   We use session cookies to optimize and enhance our websites. Session cookies enable us to keep track of visitor's movement from page to page so visitor don't get asked for the same information visitor already given to the site. Cookies allow visitor to proceed through many pages of a site quickly and easily without having to authenticate or reprocess each new area visitor visit.   Session Cookies are used throughout website.
Web tracking cookies   traxon_reg   365 days   We use this cookie to track visitor geographical region to select default laguage of web site for that visitor.

Information collected does not contain personal data and is stored within a cookie. Therefore it is not possible to draw inferences from the data collected to the individual person.
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  Web tracking cookies are used throughout website.
Third-party supplier cookies   N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A